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There is an emerging global need for a reliable harbor protection system It is important to safeguard ports, coastal installations, and oil rigs against unwanted intruders or possible risk of intended sabotage, unlawful entry, or terror attacks This need is further complicated with large surveillance areas combined with complex transportation have led to a dramatic increase in the number of surveillance points in a port.

Current high demands for use in ports include remote surveillance, panoramic monitoring and products that must be explosion-proof and anti-corrosive

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• Long Range Day and Night Channel
• Detection/ Tracking Range ( Detection 40 km and above )
• High resolution continuous scanning mode
• Track While Scan capabilities
• Identifying targets and providing motion analysis
• AI Based Target Detection and Tracking
• Integrated Display system for Radar, Optics and Command and Control
• Low Power consumption
• Non detectable passive system
• Capable of 24*7 operation


• Ground Inland or Coastal Installation
• Mid range to long range surveillance zone
• Surveillance of protected space against unlawful acts or intrusion
• Visual Confirmation of target
• Track target and direct enforcement of response
• Land, Sea and air spaces monitoring

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