Engineering Tools


In the last two decades we have developed numerous products and systems using critical technologies and have built an excellent reputation both in India and globally. We strive relentlessly towards bringing ourselves into the front players of technology on the global map.  Till now, we have successfully deployed, operated and maintained technologies like :

  1. Adaptive Optics Systems, 

  2. Ultra High Precision Diamond Turning (SPDT) Facility for making free form optics 

  3. High Energy lasers and imaging systems for Defense, Aerospace  and Medical applications, 

  4.  On the edge AI and IOT based Imaging systems for Surveillance

  5. Worked on platforms like Zemax, COMSOL Multiphysics, MATLAB, Python, SOLIDWORKS, ABAQUS Finite Element Modelling, light safety analysis. and many more.

With the background and global exposure of instrument building, manufacturing optical components, and design, we have a strong team with Research & Design, Production and Prototyping knowledge base. Being highly academically inclined, we have active collaborations with academic Institutes of very high repute both nationally and internationally. 

With a mandate of building core competitiveness, and ecosystems that India aspires for, we are poised to become the facilitators who can fill the demand supply gap and enable Indian Industry to build next generation products.